The B.U.T.

The IUT offers you access to quality training in the fields of science and technology or management and marketing. Both theoretical and operational, these training courses are recognized and highly appreciated by the socio-economic operators.

Through regular monitoring and support of your personal and professional project, we offer you a personalized program for your success.
Once obtained, your B.U.T. will be a real asset for an easy employability or the pursuit of chosen studies (l3, professional degree, engineering school or business school). To complete your training and mature your project, you will be offered an immersion in the world of business either in France or abroad.

The B.U.T. is a national diploma which represents the largest part of the IUT workforce. The IUT offers now B.U.T. in 25 specialities including 10 at the IUT of Poitiers-Niort-Châtellerault.

The Chemistry department trains senior chemistry technicians who are versatile, autonomous and able to integrate into all branches of activity where chemistry is present.

The knowledge and technical skills acquired give them the opportunity to be immediately employed in the field of analysis or control, production, synthesis and formulation, environment, quality and health, safety and environment.

Managing is making decisions in order to ensure and development of a company:

  • Accounting and financial decisions:  preparation of accounts, tax analysis, financial analysis
  • Human resources management decisions: management dashboards, recruitment, payment, training, social relations, right to work
  • Commercial decisions: marketing, customer relations, sales, advertising
  • Logistical decisions: stock management, relations with suppliers
  • Production decisions: organization and programming of production, investment

2 training locations : Poitiers and Niort

The DUT in electrical engineering and industrial computing trains senior technicians in the fields of :

  • Communications and signal transmissions
  • Electrical energy processing, conversion and control
  • Renewable energy management
  • Automated communicating systems based on automation components and industrial IT elements
  • Industrial communication networks to interconnect the different elements of a system in a company.

The B.U.T. mechanical and productive engineering prepares for technical and professional management functions in the fields of :

  • The mechanical conception, the improvement of solutions and innovation
  • The industrial and productive creation
  • The applied researches and services

This generalist training includes:
– A solid scientific background
– A training in modern mechanical engineering technologies
– A general and human training

The GTE department trains high-level specialists in the fields related to energy, production, use and management of thermal energy. The GTE graduate masters the skills necessary for professional integration in various fields such as energy production , the transformation of thermal energy for the propulsion, the domestic and industrial heating, the industrial and domestic cooling, the control and management of energy for housing. The GTE department in Poitiers offers a unique teaching speciality oriented towards to the renewable energies and the energy performance of buildings.

The students resulting from HSE training will be specialists in charge of :

  • Managing safety in companies and training staff: identifying risks at the level of various workstations analysis and evaluating them
  • Proposing, organizing and managing risk prevention, control or nuisance control plans
  • Implementing action plans in the field of environmental and sustainable development

This training is based on solid mastery of scientific and technological knowledge.

The network and telecommunications technician works on the deployment and the management of computers and communication networks.

His tasks :

  • He installs, implements and maintains computer, telecommunications and network equipment
  • He installs and manages all types of servers: user accounts, messaging, directories
  • He participates in the selection, implementation and operation of company networks
  • He can be a technical sales representative

The Measurements trains specialists in instrumentation and measurement with:

– Theoretical knowledge in the physical sciences, chemistry and materials, supplemented by knowledge in electronics, signal processing, computer science and metrology;
– A know- how acquired through practical work in laboratory, projects and an internship in a company.
– Necessary interpersonal skills for taking responsibilities, autonomy, adapting to technological developments and team leadership.

Nowadays managers make their decisions in front of screens where futuristic diagrams, alerts and indicators with an efficient design coexist.

These dashboards, dedicated to the management of companies, are the result of innovative statistical and IT techniques.

STID provides the knowledge base for « business intelligence »: database query, statistical analysis, software development, mobile computing and data-notification.

The DUT in marketing techniques trains versatile, autonomous sales representatives, endowed with a strong team spirit and openness, capable of adapting to technological developments and the assessments of an increasingly globalized business.

To support students in a university course that both professionalizes them and prepares them for further studies, thanks to the development over two years of a good general culture and solid skills in the various aspects of marketing.

The Professional License

The professional license degree is a university degree at Bac+3. It is designed, in partnership with companies, to lead you to immediate professional integration. This training allows you to acquire advanced training that meets specific business needs.

Your training year combines theoretical and practical lessons, learning methods and know-how, project management and a 12 to 16 week internship in France or abroad.

One third of the training is provided by professionals from the socio-economic world. In order to extend your English skills, the IUT offers you the opportunity to follow this training by choosing the international option.

Discover the 13 professional degree courses offered at the IUT in Poitiers-Niort-Châtellerault. All these Pro licenses are open on a work-study basis, under a professionalization or apprenticeship contract, except for the LP Quality Animator and International Exchange Management.  

The multimedia networks administrator will be able :

  • To install, configure and maintain all types of equipment related to fixed or mobile telephony (automatic switches, VoIP routers, CTI applications for fixed telephony)
  • To propose and design the architecture of a unified network integrating network services (Web, mail, directories….) telephony.

The aim of the training is to broaden knowledge in the field of “Quality, Safety, Environment and  Sustainable Development” and thus to train professionals who master management and quality methods and tools. The objective is to enable them to quickly become operational within an SME/SMI or to collaborate in this function in a large company.

This course trains in digital technologies dedicated to mechanical engineering, hydraulic power transmission for more or less complex metal parts (mechanically welded, stamped or cast…), or plastic (injected, thermoformed…). The aim is to meet new skills requirements in the management of projects for the design, validation and production of industrial products in the sectors of automotive transport, industrial bodywork, railways, watersports, aeronautics, agricultural machinery and construction machinery.


The professional license trains technicians specialized in environmental measurements. They are involved at both the physico-chemical and biological levels, in all fields (air, water, soil.

This license aims at training middle managers in the field of energy efficiency in buildings, industry and their installations. Taking into account environmental issues, they ensure the thermal performance of building, size their energy installations and optimize their operation, by promoting the use of Renewable Energies in housing, the tertiary sector, communities and industry.

The objective of the professional license is to train qualified commercial staff in banking and insurance capable of :

  • assessing a client’s financial situation and assessing client risk,
  • to negotiate with the client,
  • To make a global offer adapted to the customer’s needs in banking and insurance products.

The professional license aims at training managers, who, in the electricity sector, will have to integrate the rational management of electrical energy as well as the management of electrical systems. Its missions range from the integration of renewable electrical energy (wind power, photovoltaic panels…) to the energy audit of existing electrical installations.

It is a question of training students in HRM professions by developing both a global vision of the social functioning of companies and operational skills on key themes.

This professional degree aims at training executives in the field of crisis analysis and management aimed at protecting populations, property and the environment.

In 5 months of courses and a strong presence in companies (16 weeks of internship for students and 35 weeks for alternates), the Business Intelligence and Statistics degree teaches :

  • To synthesize the information contained in the databases using statistical techniques to provide meaningful indicators
  • To automate the creation of dashboards
  • To create a decision-making solution from scratch: data collection and organization, statistical processing, reporting in the form of dashboards
  • To respond to marketing issues (online survey, web marketing, scoring…)
  • Training in modern vehicle technologies: design-development-industrialization of an organ or assembly
  • Acquire or consolidate professional skills: practical work – tutored project – industrial internship
  • Acquire cross competences in the fields of chemistry – energy – mechatronics – electronics – project management – communication.

  • La vie étudiante continue sur les réseaux sociaux !