Registration for International students

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the students registered at the University of Poitiers should pay the CVEC which is a participation fee. This fee is intended to welcome and promote the social, sanitary, cultural and sport aspects of students life and to enhance prevention and health education activities. The 92 euros’ amount of the CVEC is to be paid at the CROUS before your administrative registration at the University.

Exempted  from the CVEC fee are the following students :

  • Students on the basis of social criteria
  • Refugee students
  • Students enjoying subsidiary protection
  • Asylum seekers

The payment can be done on the web or in a post office in France from 1st July. Please make sure to keep the certificate you will be given.


Before your arrival in France, you are strongly invited to :

  • Step 1 : Pay your Participation fee (CVEC) and get your registration number which is necessary for your registration at the University
  • Step2 : Gather all the necessary papers requested for your registration (listed above)
    • Passport / Visa page (with the date of the entry in France)
    • Diploma or Certificate of success (similar to the Bachelor’s degree or the Bachelor’s degree+2)
    • CVEC attestation
    • The Agreement for the “Etude en France” registration
    • The certificate of scholarship or funding (if applicable)
  • Step 3 : For the beneficiaries of a CROUS room, please make a request of visa VISALE on (without this certificate you cannot benefit  from a room)
  • Step 4 : A medical checkup  is to be done as indicated by the International Relations Department
  • Step 5 : At you arrival in Poitiers, you must go to the School Department of the IUT (located at 14 allée Jean Monnet 86073 Poitiers Cedex 9) to carry out your administrative registration (Please make sure you arrive 2 days before the starting  date of your training).


  • La vie étudiante continue sur les réseaux sociaux !